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The engine used to power the module can be serviced at any Deutz dealer, and all parts can be obtained from any Deutz dealer or Bosch dealer. All parts for the Hydro-Frac® pump are in stock and available for shipment the same day. (However very little service is required for the pump).

Hydro-Frac Equipment


The Diesel/ Hydraulic Porta-Max is the newest member of the Kyle family. This unit is only 4' x 4' x 5' and weighs in at only 2000 lbs. The module consists of a 4-cyclinder diesel engine, a complete hydraulic system, a standard Sky Quip Hydro-Frac® pump capable of 3,000 psi and up to 80 gpm, the entire unit is controlled by a remote control pendant with a chord length up to 75' long.. A packer inflate system is also available to placed within the same dimensions.

This unit can be placed on a trailer or on top of a service truck. The convenient eye hook and the fact that it is perfectly balanced makes it easy to move around with a pump hoist or service crane.

Besides using the balanced eye hook, the "feet" on these units are spaced apart far enough that any standard fork truck can be used to move this unit around.

The hand held remote pendant has all the functions necessary to run this unit including:

  • Emergency Stop Feature
  • High/ Low Speed Position
  • Maximum/ Minimum Displacement
  • Inflate/ Deflate

The pendant wire can be custom cut in lengths from 6' to 75' at no extra cost.

A Wireless Remotes is also available

As with all our units there is a (1) year warranty on parts and labor. When upgrading equipment, we will take in any of our units no matter how old. We offer on-site training (Additional charges may apply). An 800 (hotline) number is available, at no cost, to answer any question a customer may have about his/ her unit or current job.