Hydro-Frac Equipment

Inflatable Packers
The Kec-Inflatable packer is a very versatile packer; The 4 3/4" OD packer will handle bore sizes ranging from 5" to 7". Another plus to the Inflatable packer is its ability to form to the various differeences in the well itself, giving a tighter and safer seal.

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Mechanical Packers
The Kec-Mechanical Packer is most often used off the back of a drill rig, when an inflatable or hydraulic packer may be impractical.

The mechanical packer is first placed on the end of the drill string and lowered to the desired depth. The packer is then turned counter clockwise one full turn with a little bit of down pressure placed on it. The packer is then pulled upward with about 10-12,000 pounds will expand the rubber element and complete the seal wit the wall of the well.

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